Saturday, 12 November 2016

Countries with Fastest 4G LTE

Who doesn't like the speed ? Everybody likes it , considering the Internet speeds have increased from time to time and we hope that will keep growing with also increasing number of people.
Considering 4G as the 4th generation it has grown much more faster with most fascinating speeds up to 40mbps or surpassing it. 4G has been much faster than the wired connections such as broadband.
So let's compare the speed of 4G networks in comparisons to last year and the countries.
As far as today the average  speed is of 17.4 Mbps and some countries easily passing 20 Mbps. Comparing to the last year of 12.6 Mbps. But, interestingly India has been behind a lot where the speeds of 4G has been decreased from the last year average speed of only 6.4 Mbps.
"Increasing number of people using 4G in India has caused an decreasing numbers of speed"
Let's now take a look at the top countries providing the Top Speeds.
Top 5 Countries with Fastest 4G Internet
1. Singapore as 45.9 Mbps
2. South Korea as 45.8 Mbps
3. Hungary as 40.6 Mbps
4. Romania as 35.6 Mbps
5. New Zealand as 34.9 Mbps
By comparing US & UK have seen a smaller but noticeable change as in 2016 has 13 and 21 Mbps respectively. This is also an decent result but not close to the global result.
Interesting news is that India has been covering 4G from whopping 50% coverage in 2015 UpTo 70℅ in 2016 This has made the speeds grow slower form 1p Mbps to 6.4 Mbps.

Source - AA



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