Friday, 18 November 2016

Get Android N Features on any phone

Android Nougat 7.1 is the latest version in the Android Operating system and brings much changes to it. Android N is latest build is 7.1 and it was first released with Pixel Phones but before it was in beta available for Nexus phones. But now it is available to some Nexus phones and Pixels. But the development toward Android N by the OEM going so slow so it might take some time to reach your device but why not have all the Android N features on your phone.

There are lot of phones that are still not on Android and they may not even get Android N update. So, today lets take a look how you can use all the Android N feature and make your phone look exact similar to Android N.

Requirement -

1. Android phone running Android Lollipop or Android Marshmallow.
2. Root Access should be there.
3. Custom recovery (TWRP/CWM).

Install Xposed

1.If your phone is rooted download Xposed Installer.
2.Then open Xposed installer and click Install and say reboot.

Install N-ify

This module allows you to use several features introduced in Android N on you Lollipop and Marshmallow device.
Currently supported features are:
  • New notifications and quick settings
  • New recents design
  • Settings dashboard subtitles
  • Quick Switch (Double-tap recents to switch to last app)
  • Use recents button to navigate through recents
This module is intended to work on near-AOSP devices and won't work properly on ROMs that heavily modify code the module touched (Samsung & LG stock ROMs for example).
1. Download N-ify module.
2. Open Xposed Installer and go to modules and tick or allow Android N-ify.
3. Then Go to Android N-ify and start it.
4. Reboot your system.
You will be greeted with the android N looks and feels.
Enable Android Assistance

Android Assistance in Android N was the next step toward AI. Google introduce this with Pixel Phones. You can now enable and have an better experience with it .
Enable Google Assistant in Marshmallow ROMs.
This is stand-alone Google Assistant enabler from AndroidN-ify, in case you excplicitly do not want to use other features from Android 
1. Download Assistance Enabler
2. Open Xposed Installer and enable Assistance Enabler.
3. Reboot your phone.
4. Open Assistance Enabler from Xposed Installer in modules and Enable Assistance.
5. May be you have to reboot your phone but its fine.
6. Your Assistance is enabled.

Change Android Version To 7.0

Now that your phone looks exactly like the Android N , Why not change the version of your android to Android 7.0 or any you would like to.
1.Download Build Prop
2.edit Android Version by locating and changing the current Build Version. 
That's it I hope this article will help you. Do comment and tell me did this work for you.


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